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Jailbreaking is quite possibly the most popular way of downloading apps onto the iOS device without all the restrictions that Apple put in place and there are a number of types of app that jailbreakers choose to download. Many jailbreakers tend to head for Screen read more

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iOS 10 has to be one of the most updated of all iOS versions ever released and there are a couple of reasons for that. First, they most likely wanted to avoid the embarrassment of previous years, with instability, bugs, and plenty of other issues that plagued iOS users. read more

Airshou iOS 10

iOS 10 is now out with the public and is being downloaded by millions of users worldwide. While it is being packed full of unique features, and improvements to speed and performance over iOS 9, what it doesn’t have is a jailbreak attached to it. However, read more

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Good screen recorder apps are hard to come by and many iOS users head for Cydia after jailbreaking to download apps like iRec to do the job for them. With the rate of updates from Apple and with iOS 9 , many users are going to be on read more

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Although iOS 10 is one of the most downloaded of all the iOS versions, those with the older devices are not able to download it. This is because their hardware is no longer supported by Apple and is not sufficient to support the latest firmware. Of course, some of these read more

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One of the most downloaded of all the type of Cydia app is the Screen Recorder, simply because this is something that Apple has never included on the iOS. Screen recorders let you record whatever you are doing on your device screen, be it a game, an read more