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When we talk about jailbreaking, we are talking only about iOS devices. Those who have Android devices cannot jailbreak but, although they may have a little more freedom in terms of what they install on their devices, they are still missing out on some very good apps that were, at one time, only available through Cydia. Now, some of these apps can easily be installed onto an Android device, including one called AirShou.

Image : AirShou Android Download Tutorial

AirShou is a screen recorder app that lets you record whatever you are doing on your Android device, be it a game you are playing or an app you are working on and then lets you save it or share it with other people.  Downloading AirShou onto your Android device does involve having to install the AirShou APK but, if you follow our guide below, you should have no trouble with getting AirShou on your Android device.

How to Download AirShou for Android :

  1. On your Android device, open your Settings app . Tap on Security 
  2. Look for the option that says Unknown Source Options and check the box beside it 
  3. Download the AirShou APK for Android onto your smartphone or tablet
  4. Find the APK on your device and tap to install it  
  5. Leave your device alone while the APK is installing and when it has finished, you will have access to a great screen recorder app 

If you run into trouble with AirShou at any time, simply delete it the way you would any app on your Android device and then reinstall it using the steps given above.

AirShou is one of the best free screen recorder apps around and it’s great news for Android users that it is now available cross-platform with just a few simple steps. Let us know if you use AirShou on your Android device and what you think of it and, for more tips and tutorials like this, sign up to our free email newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

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