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Jailbreaks are in such short supply these days that much of the jailbreak community, unable to use what jailbreaks we do have, are constantly on the lookout for alternatives. One of the main reasons for jailbreaking was to get basic features, such as a decent screen recorder. AirShou was by far the best but it disappeared from Cydia. Now it has been released again, with better features than ever before and it doesn’t need a jailbreak to install it.

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Because it is independent of the iOS app store, the certificate is not signed by Apple and this is leading to an issue that a lot of users are experiencing , every 7 days, the certificate expires and the app must be reloaded. This doesn’t just happen for no reason , it is because apple verifies the certificates and revokes invalid ones on a regular basis but with the release of a new tool called Anti Revoke, we can now get around this problem.

What is Anti Revoke ?

Anti Revoke [ext link] is a simple tool that places a VPN onto your device and it is this that blocks the verification and revocation of the certificates that are running on your device. Should you install any apps after you, you can update Anti Revoke to protect those too. It takes up very little in the way of resources on your iPhone or iPad and it works in the background, providing full time protection.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

There is no need to install a jailbreak to get your hands on Anti Revoke. All you require is your iOS device and an internet connection , use Wi-Fi rather than data. For all the details about Anti Revoke, download links and a full tutorial, check out the linked posts below:

If you use AirShou screen recorder, you should also be using Anti Revoke to save yourself all the hassle of having to keep reactivating the app. By stopping Apple from revoking the certificate, you can continue to enjoy your screen recorder in peace without any interruption.

Are you going to install Anti Revoke ? Tell us how you get on with it and, if you do run into any trouble with it, you can find all the information you need in the linked posts above.

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