AirShou iOS 10.2.1

The updates from Apple continue to flow, with the latest one being iOS 10.2.1 firmware. this is only a minor release, containing improvements and bug fixes for issues that appeared in iOS 10.2 for some users. With the lack of a jailbreak right now, if you have got iOS 10.2 on your device, you may as well go ahead and update to iOS 10.2.1. We already know, following a report from Luca Todesco, that iOS 10.2 is unlikely to have a jailbreak attached to it because, after the number of security patches in it, there is very little left for the jailbreakers to work with.

Image : AirShou iOS 10.2.1 Download Tutorial

One of the most downloaded types of app from Cydia was the screen recorder app, a basic function that Apple won’t give us on the stock iOS. Without a jailbreak, there was, until now, no way to get a decent screen recorder but we have found an app called AirShou, a very popular screen recorder that does not require a jailbreak and is compatible with iOS 10.2.1.

Image : AirShou on iOS

Supported Devices :

AirShou is compatible with all the following devices on iOS 10.2.1:

  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus
  • iPad Pro – both models
  • iPad 3, 4
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini, 2, 3
  • iPod Touch 6thGeneration

How to Download AirShou on iOS 10.2.1 :

You can’t get AirShou from the app store but we have the steps for you to download it onto your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You don’t need a computer just your device with a strong internet connection on it. Be aware that this will only work on Safari browser so don’t try it with any other that you may be using

  1. Launch Safari 
  2. Type in the address bar and tap Go 
  3. When the page has fully loaded, tap on the UP arrow [ bottom or top of the screen, depending on which device you are using ] 
  4. An options list will appear, tap Add to Home Screen 
  5. When asked to give your app a name, type in AirShou. Tap the Add button and wait for the process to finish
  6. Close Safari and you will see the AirShou icon on your home screen

Video: Watch this video to see these steps explained

Are you going to use AirShou screen recorder or would you prefer to wait for an iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak ? If you follow us on Facebook , we will send the latest updates straight to your inbox.




  1. Love Team Airshou. Downloaded it flawlessly on my iOS 10.2.1 beta device . iPhone 7. Works smooth. No hicupps. You guys have done a great job.

  2. Hallo,
    I have tried many times to download airshue doing all the steps you described above for iOS 10.2.1, but nothing happened.
    Couleur you please help me ?
    Thank You very much !
    I have the problem since the update to iOS 10.2.1

    1. There was som issues with iOS 10.2.1. It has now been resolved and Airshou iOS 10.2.1 download as resumed. Please try again for success.

  3. I was amazed how simple the tutorial is. Its so easy to download and install Airshou following this tutorial. I love AirShou app.

  4. I’ve followed all the steps to download the app. As soon as I hit home screen and click on the Airshou app, it starts recording . It doesnt stop. Please help. Im using iPhone 7s .

  5. Ok, I’m new at this. I followed the steps but It doesn’t allow me to record anything. Am I missing something here?

  6. Hi guys, I try to download airshou by following this steps but it only download the airshou app on my iPhone and not on iPad. iPhone Airshou works 100% but I don’t understand how it’s suppose to work on iPad, please help me !

  7. Does anyone know how to save your recordings to camera roll?
    For some reason I can’t find a way to do it anymore like I used to before this apparent update or whatever

  8. i can’t download it as well, the ios version is 10.3.2.
    I follow the steps, the airshou icon on my iphone 6s.
    Please help.

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