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iOS 10 saw an unprecedented number of updates and, as a result, we experienced a real downturn in jailbreaks. iOS 11 seems to be flowing in its footsteps and, with iOS 11.1 download [ext link] now released, we may have to wait that little bit longer to get our jailbreak. Those who stayed on iOS 10 and managed to use Yalu Jailbreak should hang on to it or the time being as it is the only way you can use Cydia.

Image : AirShou iOS 11.1 Download

One of the top apps downloaded from Cydia [ext link] was a screen recorder called AirShou. It did get withdrawn from the store at one point but, users will be pleased to hear that it has now been released again, full of lots of extra features and without needing a jailbreak to use it. Even better, it works on iOS 11.1.

How to Download AirShou iOS 11.1 :

Being a Cydia app, AirShou cannot be downloaded from the iOS app store, However, please be assured that it is perfectly stable and safe to use and downloading it is very easy. All you require is your iPhone or iPad, the internet and Safari browser. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad , this is the only browser that will work 
  2. Go to the address bar and type in , Then tap on Go  
  3. Wait and when the web page is loaded, search for the UP arrow and tap on it , top right [ iPad ] and bottom center [ iPhone ] 
  4. Now a new page will load; select Add to Home Screen from the options on the screen 
  5. Type AirShou into the box so that your app icon has a name .Tap Add and then close Safari 
  6. The AirShou icon will be on your home screen 

Video:  This will demonstrate these steps

Note :

There is one problem with downloading AirShou screen recorder in this way , because Apple revokes certificates on a regular basis, the app will crash. The only way you can get around this is to install Anti Revoke, a VPN that will block the certificate revocation and allow you to use the app for as long as you want.

AirShou is one of many app installers released in recent months, with others like AppValley, TweakBox [ext link] and TutuApp, all providing us with a little of what Cydia used to. While they can’t replace Cydia, they are excellent alternatives for now so, make use of them and follow us on Facebook for more iOS 11 jailbreak news.

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