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iOS 10 has to be one of the most updated of all iOS versions ever released and there are a couple of reasons for that. First, they most likely wanted to avoid the embarrassment of previous years, with instability, bugs, and plenty of other issues that plagued iOS users. Secondly, they may well have been carrying out their promise to stop jailbreaking. Whatever the reasons, iOS 10 jailbreaks were something of a letdown and we can only hope that, with iOS 11 download [ext link], things improve considerably.

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While we wait for an iOS 11 jailbreak [ext link], we have found ourselves having to look for an alternative to Cydia [ext link] or, more specifically, the best Screen Recorder app ever downloaded from Cydia. Screen recorders are basic features but still, we have to look to jailbreaking to get one, or at least we did until AirShou became available without the need for Cydia. AirShou is, without a doubt the most popular and most feature packed screen recorder ever produced for the iOS and we are going to tell you how to install it on your iOS 11 device without installing a jailbreak first.

Download AirShou iOS 11 :

AirShou is not an app you can download from the iOS app store simply because Apple will never allow it. It is a safe app to use and getting it is simple. You just need your iOS device, Safari browser and a strong internet connection [ WiFi not data ] . Here’s how to download it :

Method 1 : Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari browser [ don’t bother with any other browser, it won’t work ]  
  2. Type in the address bar and tap on Go  
  3. Wait for our mobile web page to load up and then tap the UP arrow [ top right of the screen on your iPad and bottom center on your iPhone ]  
  4. You will now see some new options on your screen, choose Add to Home Screen  
  5. Now you must provide a new name for the app icon so type AirShou into the box and tap on the Add button  
  6. Exit Safari and you will find the new AirShou app icon on your home screen, ready to use.  

Video: This demonstrates these steps

Method 2 : Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

To make sure AirShou is properly installed, you must follow these steps very carefully:

  1. Open Safari on your browser and go to this [ link
  2. When the AirShou information page loads, find and tap on Install Directly to iOS Device. Do not miss this step , it is the only way the profile can be installed on your device
  3. Settings opens to the Profile page so tap on Install Profile and type your passcode in
  4. Safari browser will open again, tap the link to Install AirShou 
  5. Tap Install on the confirmation window and Settings will then open once more
  6. Tap on Install and a series of pages will open , tap on Next > Install > Install as each page opens 
  7. Tap Done to complete the installation and wait while AirShou is installed  

If the installation is not successful, you will need to follow these steps again very carefully

Method 3: TweakBox

The final way to download AirShou is through another app installer by the name of TweakBox. This is one of the more popular of the installers, full of useful tweaks, modified apps, games emulators, and free premium content. Downloading TweakBox [ext link] is very easy; click the linked article and follow the guide and then open TweakBox, look for AirShou and download it.

Method 4 : Android Only

Android users may have a much more open platform than iOS there is still so much that they cannot do. They can’t jailbreak for a start and that means there are loads of cool apps and features that they can’t use and one of those is AirShou Screen Recorder. Although it could be argued that there are plenty of crew recorders in the app store, most are very basic, and you would have to pay for anything better. AirShou gives you all the features of the top apps without the need to pay for it and, with full support for Android devices, you can download it now. The download involves installing the APK File to your device so make sure you follow the steps in the guide linked below carefully :

AirShou Alternative :

AirShou is a popular screen recorder but it isn’t the only one now; several others have joined it and here we look at two very good alternatives that you can try if AirShou isn’t for you:

Cool Pixel :

CoolPixel [ ext link ] is the latest screen recorder to be released and is taking the market by storm. As well as providing screen recording facilities in 1080p at 60fps, CoolPixel also offers full video editing features too. Import HD Videos, choose from a selection of rich movie filters or edit the video on-screen. Add subtitles and dubbing with a swipe of your finger and download from BGM online. To find out more about what CoolPixel does and how to download it, click the linked post below :

iRec App :

iRec [ext link] proved itself in the past to be a very popular screen recorder with Cydia user, one of the very first to be released. But the developers neglected to keep it up to date and left it to fall into decline. Now though, iRec is back, its bigger than ever, better than before and has far more features included in it. Not only that, it works on all iOS devices, all iOS versions, including the latest, and doesn’t need Cydia to work. Get more information about iRec and how to download it from the linked post below :

Fix AirShou Not Working :

AirShou is the best screen recorder app available but, unless you download Anti Revoke [ext link] it will crash on a regular basis. Anti Revoke blocks any attempts to revoke your app certificate, leaving the app to run as it should do.

Have you been missing your favorite screen recorder ? AirShou is now easier than ever to download and install without needing Cydia so let us know how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for all the latest iOS 11 jailbreak news.

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      1. I love you AirShou Team. you guys are the best. I love AirShou app. Its so fast. 1080p recording at 60fps. AirShou app is the best screen recorder app. hands down.

      2. Thanks for your Kind comments. You guys keeps us inspired and we dedicate this to making better and more stable apps.

  1. Mine is having a bit of trouble! I downloaded it fine, but then when I go on it recording starts and finishes in 5 mins .. Can we record farther ?… I don’t know how to record more on it. Other than that, like the updates!

    1. Hello , there is a current limit of 5 mins of HD recording on the iPhone running iOS 11 firmware. We are working to bypass this on our iOS 11.1 update. Thanks.

  2. Now I updated to iOS 11.2.1 and I can’t use the screen recording anymore… can anyone explain to me what happen ? And how to fix it ?

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