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iOS 10 has just been released but not everyone has a device that is capable of updating to it, due entirely because of hardware restrictions. That said, some of these devices also cannot be updated to iOS 9 and that leaves users of the oldest ones restricted in what they can and can’t use in terms of apps. While there are jailbreaks available for iOS 8, not everyone is able to or wants to install them and that means missing out on some of the best apps, like the iRec [ext link] screen recorder app.

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AirShou is a great alternative screen recorder app that works on all iOS 8 versions and does not need you to jailbreak to install it.  It works seamlessly, providing high quality video, allowing you to save and/or share your recordings with other people. It also works on a wide range of iOS devices that are capable of running on iOS 8.

Compatible Devices :

AirShou works on all of these devices on any version of iOS 8:

  • iPhone
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch

Steps to Download AirShou iOS 8 :

Method 1 :

Downloading AirShou on your iOS 8 device is a simple procedure, requires no computer and can be removed at any time:

  1. On your iOS device screen, open Safari browser [ this will only work on this browser, not on any third party one you may be using ]
  2. Type [ copy-paste in browser ]  into the address bar and tap Go  airshou app
  3. When the web page has fully loaded, locate the UP arrow [ top or bottom of the screen , and tap on it ] 
  4. Now you will be asked where you want to save the icon to; tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Call your app icon AirShou ad then tap Add  
  6. Close Safari down and the Airshou app icon will be on your home screen . Watch the video. Go the the next steps.

Video: The video below shows these steps to you

After AirShou is installed on HomeScreen.

To be sure that AirShou will be installed properly, do follow the steps below exactly as written :

  1. Open the AirShou app. Go to the iOS version and click on the download link.
  2. An AirShou information page opens, so tap the link to Directly Install to iOS Device
  3. When your Settings app opens, tap on Install Profile
  4. If asked to, type in your passcode and then Safari will open
  5. Tap Install AirShou and then tap Install on the confirmation window
  6. Your Settings app will automatically open again, tap on Install
  7. Now tap on Next > Install > Install 
  8. On the last page, tap on Done and AirShou will be installed on your device

If it isn’t then you must go back and follow these steps again , do not miss any steps out

Method 2: TutuApp

TutuApp is one of the more popular app installers to be released in recent times and is an easy way of installing AirShou on your device. Like AirShou, you can’t download TutuApp from the app store, but it is easy enough to do. Here’s how to install AirShou through TutuApp:

  1. Download Tutu App [ext link] on your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Open TutuApp and search for AirShou
  3. Tap the result and follow the instructions on the screen to install AirShou to your device
  4. Let the installation complete and then you can start using AirShou screen recorder

Method 4: Android Only

Android users are lucky in one respect, in that their platform is far more open and relaxed than the iOS platform. However, they have no way of installing a jailbreak and that means missing out on loads of great features, including one of the best screen recorders ever developed. While there are plenty available in the app store, those that are any good require payment but AirShou doesn’t. It’s completely free, it works on Android and you can find all the steps you need in the post linked below : 

AirShou is a great screen recorder app containing many features that you simply wouldn’t be able to get otherwise without jailbreaking your iOS device and the fact that it works without a jailbreak means more people get to take advantage of it.

AirShou Alternatives :

AirShou is a very popular screen recorder but, if it doesn’t offer what you want, try one of these other alternatives:

CoolPixel :

While most screen recorders allow you to record anything on your screen, not many are as easy or as comprehensive as CoolPixel. Screen recording is dead simple, Full HD 1080p, and 60fps, with simple controls but CoolPixel does more. It allows you to import your own HD videos and edit them on the screen, using nothing more than a swipe of the finger to add subtitles and dubbing, add movie-like effects with one of the rich filters included and so much more. You can find out how to download CoolPixel [ext link] on your device today by clicking on the given link

iRec App :

At one time, iRec held the crown as the number one screen recorder for Cydia users but, as Apple continued to update the iOS, the developers of iRec fell behind and neglected to keep it updated. That meant many users fell away and turned to other options but now iRec has been fully updated with support for iOS 8 and does not require you to install Cydia, making it open to a much bigger audience. Find out how to download iRec [ext link] by clicking on the linked article.

How to Fix AirShou Errors :

AirShou may be one of the best screen recorders but it isn’t without its problems. One that all AirShou users will experience is the app crashing very shortly after it is installed, usually within 7 days. The reason is simple, Apple doesn’t allow AirShou in the app store because they don’t consider it to be a valid app and, because of that, they will not sign the app certificate that allows it to run. When they verify the app certificates in circulation, they will revoke those that they do not consider valid and that will cause AirShou to crash. Even reinstalling it does not keep you safe so the only way around it is to install Anti Revoke, a VPN tool that stops Apple from revoking the certificates and leaving you to enjoy it uninterrupted. A guide to downloading Anti Revoke [ext link] can be found at the linked post.

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