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Screen recorders are a feature we all want and need at some point. They aren’t just useful for taking static screenshots; we can also use them to make videos of anything on our screens, be it a simple video showing how to do something or a full-on presentation. While Apple does provide screen recording capabilities, they are nothing special but AirShou screen recorder offers you a whole range of features. And it’s fully compatible with the iPad, one of the best devices for making videos on. AirShou was once a Cydia app but not anymore. Now anyone with an iPad can download and use it.

Image : AirShou iPad Download

AirShou iPad Features :

AirShou offers iPad users a great range of features, including:

  • Really easy installation
  • Super-simple to use
  • Offers full HD video recording , 1080p at up to 60fps 
  • Add audio for a more professional video
  • Control the screen recorder with single taps on the screen to start and stop recording
  • In-app settings to help you customize AirShou
  • Fully optimized for the iPad, as well as other iOS devices

Compatible iPad Models :

AirShou will work on all of these iPad models on iOS 9 and above :

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Regular
  • iPad Mini

How to Download AirShou for iPad :

Downloading AirShou on the iPad can be down in just a  few steps and you have a choice of methods too. Both are easy enough but you must follow all the steps as they are written to get AirShou on your iPad:

Method 1: Configuration Profile

  1. From Safari browser on your iPad, go to this link [ copy-paste in browser ] airshou app
  2. Find the iOS version and click on the download link. Install Directly link on the page and tap it – this is the only way the profile can be installed
  3. Wait, the Profile page in your Settings app will automatically open. Tap on Install
  4. Next, if asked, put your passcode in and wait; Safari browser will open
  5. Now tap where it says Install AirShou. Tap Install on the popup message
  6. Wait again; Settings going to open once more; tap on Install > Next > Done on the pages as they open
  7. Now the installation can finish and AirShou will be on your iPad home screen 

If it isn’t there, you must do these steps again

Method 2: IPA Installation using Cydia Impactor

Another way of installing AirShou onto your iPad is to use a tool called Cydia Impactor to sideload it. This tool is very useful for installing apps that aren’t in the iOS app store. You will need your iPad and your computer for this method and you do need the latest iTunes version , open iTunes, click Help > Check for Updates.

  1. Download the version of Cydia Impactor [ext link] that corresponds to your computer operating system , Windows/OS X. 
  2. This will download as a .zip file so extract it and save the files
  3. Next, you need the AirShou IPA file for AirShou , download it onto your computer
  4. Your iPad must now be connected to your computer , if iTunes does open, shut it down
  5. Click the Cydia Impactor icon on your desktop to open the app and click on Menu
  6. Select the iPad you are using
  7. Now open the ipa file and drag it into Cydia Impactor window
  8. Sign in with your Apple ID and password – you can set up a different account for Cydia Impactor if you don’t want to use your regular one
  9. Click on OK.
  10. An Expired Certificates message will appear; click OK
  11. Now let Cydia Impactor do its work , it will get the certificate and sign it and this may take a few minutes to do
  12. When Cydia Impactor has side-loaded AirShou, the new icon should be on the home screen
  13. Open Settings > General > Profile & Device Management
  14. Tap the AirShou profile and then tap Trust so that AirShou can run

Note :  

If you are using a free Apple ID for this, Cydia Impactor can only sign the certificate for a period of 7 days; at this point, it will expire and you must reinstall Cydia using these steps again; those with a paid developer account will not have this problem.

AirShou Alternatives :

AirShou is a great choice of screen recorder for the iPad but it isn’t the only one. There are two more that offer different features and may be more your style:

  • iRec

iRec is an old favorite, dating back to the early days of Cydia. It did get left behind though, because the developers failed to keep it updated and, eventually, people just stopped using it. It has recently undergone a huge overhaul and now has full support for the most up to date iOS versions, along with full iPad optimization. iRec offers a pretty good selection of features; on top of HD video recording, you can make more out of your video by adding audio too. There are loads of customization options in the app and one feature that none of the other screen recorders has – auto compression. When you save your videos, they are automatically compressed, saving storage space on your device and leaving you free to record as many videos as you want. Interested? Learn how you can download iRec today.

  • CoolPixel

CoolPixel offers a completely different screen recorder experience.  Yes, you get the standard 1080p screen recording facilities, along with audio recording if you want it but you also get something else – video editing tools. Record your video and then, before you save it or share it with anyone else, you can edit it, right there in CoolPixel. Among the additional features, you get one-tap access to things like subtitles, adding dubbing and much more. If you want, you can have your video look like it’s a professional movie by adding a rich filter. You can edit any video you have on your device; you can import any others that you want and if you want more ideas, head to BGM online and find a few more. CoolPixel is a revolutionary one-stop-shop screen recorder app and if you want to give it a go, then click on the link.

Screen recorders are always going to be in demand and AirShou will always be up there with the best. Try it, see how you get on with it on your iPad and if you don’t like it, try one of the others. Whichever one you go for, be sure to drop us a line in the comments below and click to follow us on Facebook

AirShou iPad Errors Fix :

You should be able to do all of this with no problem but, if you do come up against any errors, look at the linked post below for the answers on how to solve them. We also have full instructions on how to delete AirShou from your iPad if you no longer require it:

If you can’t jailbreak your iPad or don’t want to but still want a decent screen recorder, then AirShou is your best option. Let us know what you think of it and, for up to date news, follow us on Facebook.

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