AirShou App Not Working Fix

AirShou is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative screen recorder app. Most people tend to jailbreak and then head over to Cydia to download apps like iRec to use as screen recorders but not everyone wants a jailbreak on their iOS device and others have updated so that they can’t jailbreak. AirShou can be installed on your iOS device without the need for a jailbreak.

Image : AirShou Not Working Issue

AirShou SSL Errors :

While most people are finding using AirShou easy and trouble-free, some have reported a couple of errors. The first and most common is the ssl error that appears when the download button is tapped and displays a message that reads “cannot connect to ssl airshou.appvv.api”. This is an easy one to fix and can be done through one of the two methods below:

Method 1 :

  1. Close Safari browser down, making sure all tabs are shut
  2. Shut down any apps that may be open on your iOS device using the App Switcher 
  3. Wait a minute or two and then try the download steps in the given link again

Method 2 :

If that doesn’t work, try this:

  1. As above, shut Safari down completely and all open apps
  2. Power your iOS device off  
  3. Wait a few minute and then power it on again
  4. Try the download steps again

AirShou Crashing Issues :

The second biggest problem that some users have reported is that AirShou keeps on crashing. The reason for this is down to certificates. Company owners are given certificates by apple so that they can install their apps on employee devices without having to go through the app store first. AirShou is using certificates that have expired and this is what causes the problem.

When an app is opened, the certificate is checked before it can run – if the certificate is genuine and in force, the app will run. If the certificate is invalid and not in force, the app won’t run and this is what is happening with AirShou.

How to Fix :

AirShou is constantly renewing its certificates but, aside from that there is nothing that you can do. When AirShou crashes, the best way to solve the problem is to delete it from your iOS device and reinstall it using the steps given in this guide.

How are you getting on with AirShou ? Let us know if you have experienced any issues other than these and to get instant updates, follow us on Facebook .




  1. Every time I add the website to my iPad mini 2 and I go into it, it doesn’t take me to the screen recorder app it just takes me to the website. Why is it only me encountering this and can you help me fix it?

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