AirShou IPA File Download

One of the most downloaded of all the type of Cydia app is the Screen Recorder, simply because this is something that Apple has never included on the iOS. Screen recorders let you record whatever you are doing on your device screen, be it a game, an read more

AirShou iPad Download Tutorial

Screen recorders are a feature we all want and need at some point. They aren’t just useful for taking static screenshots; we can also use them to make videos of anything on our screens, be it a simple video showing how to do something or a full-on presentation. While read more

Airshou Android

When we talk about jailbreaking, we are talking only about iOS devices. Those who have Android devices cannot jailbreak but, although they may have a little more freedom in terms of what they install on their devices, they are still missing out on some very good apps read more

AirShou App Not Working Fix

AirShou is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative screen recorder app. Most people tend to jailbreak and then head over to Cydia to download apps like iRec to use as screen recorders but not everyone wants a jailbreak on their iOS device and read more

Delete AirShou App

AirShou is a name that is becoming well known now. It is a Screen Recorder app that anyone can install on their iOS device and the best part about it is, there is no need to jailbreak first. At one time, the only way could get a decent screen recorder read more

What is AirShou App ?

One of the most popular types of jailbreak app downloaded from Cydia is the Screen Recorder App. These allow you to record what is happening on your iOS screen at any given time and there are quite a few to choose from. But, what if you don’t want read more