iRec Screen Recorder

Apple has never really seen fit to provide their users with a decent screen recorder and, when jailbreaking first started, iRec was released into Cydia to provide the missing link. It soon became very popular and it was disappointing read more

Airshou iOS 8

iOS 10 has just been released but not everyone has a device that is capable of updating to it, due entirely because of hardware restrictions. That said, some of these devices also cannot be updated to iOS 9 and that leaves users of the oldest ones restricted in what read more

Anti Revoke

Jailbreaks are in such short supply these days that much of the jailbreak community, unable to use what jailbreaks we do have, are constantly on the lookout for alternatives. One of the main reasons for jailbreaking was to get basic features, such as a decent screen read more

AirShou APK

It is well known that Android devices cannot be jailbroken the way that iOS devices can and, while they may already have fewer restrictions on their devices than iOS users do, it does mean that they are missing out on quite a lot. One type of app that jailbreakers download read more